What Happens in a Reiki Session

If the concept of energy healing isn’t familiar to you, let me tell you about what happens in a reiki session.

Reiki is universal life force energy and receiving reiki energy rebalances and replenishes your body’s energy flow.  This helps restore your physical and emotional wellbeing, reduce stress, strengthen your immune system and stimulate your body’s natural healing abilities.

For your session you just lay comfortably on my massage bed (fully clothed), close your eyes, relax and be open to receiving the reiki energy – I do the rest.  I’ll dim the lights, release the aromatherapy scents, turn on the ‘spa’ music and wrap you in a cosy throw.

If you’ve rushed to your appointment from a busy day we can do some relaxing breathing or a short meditation to help you fully relax and get the most from your session.

As a Reiki Master Practitioner and Reiki Teacher, my hands are very sensitive to energy.  Holding my hands a few inches above your body I slowly move them from your head to your feet sensing energy imbalances as heat or tingling.  I’ll then channel reiki energy from my palms to these areas, which your mind and body uses to rebalance and unblock your energy.

What Does Reiki Feel Like

Everyone’s experience is different, but the most common sensation you’ll feel is warmth and deep relaxation spreading throughout your body.

It’s not unusual to drift in and out of sleep, but even if you fall asleep you’re still getting the full benefit.

You may feel tingling, coolness, slight pressure or sense the energy flowing around your body.  As your body responds to the reiki energy it may feel heavy, appearing to sink into the bed, or it may feel as light as a feather with your arms, legs or your whole body appearing to float off the bed.

With your eyes closed you may see a kaleidoscope of colours, different colours coming in and out of your vision, or burst of colours like fireworks.

Twitching, coughing, sighing or blinking may also occur.  Any of these sensations are just  indications of energy starting to flow freely around your body again and energy blockages being released.

When your session ends you’ll probably feel extremely relaxed and some clients say their body feels lighter, as their energy flow and balance is restored.

Afterwards we’ll share our experiences and you can ask questions.  As a reiki practitioner I’m not medically trained so can’t diagnose medical conditions and won’t interfere with any medical treatment/meditation you’re receiving.

Reiki energy continues to flow after your session so ideally relax for a bit to allow your body to fully integrate the reiki energy it’s received.  You could experience lethargy, cold-like symptoms or buried emotions resurfacing for 24 – 48 hours.  This indicates deep healing and is usually followed by a sense of wellbeing.  Drinking plenty of water for 24 – 48 hours afterwards is also beneficial.

Reiki Distance Healing

As reiki is universal life force energy I can ‘send’ it anywhere in the UK, for you to receive in the comfort of your own home, at a time that works for you, while you lay relaxing on your bed or sofa.  I can also send distance reiki to your children to receive after bedtime while they’re sleeping.

Once we’ve arranged a date and time I’ll email you preparation guidance, text a reminder on the morning of our session and then text again 10 minutes before your session to ask you to relax and prepare.

Your distance reiki session lasts for 30 minutes and produces the same benefits and experiences as receiving face to face reiki, and I’ll also provide feedback.

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